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After devastating spring flooding, the Mountain Fork River Trout stream is again open.  Not "destroyed" as many thought...just different!  Hopefully it will be better than ever.  Repairs are still being done, but this won't keep you from enjoying a good day fishing!

As reported from the LMFR web site...

6/28/2015 – 2pm

  1. Temporary Regulations for the Park after the flooding: All of Zone I is a Blue Zone with a 6 rainbow, One 20″+ brown trout daily limit due to the loss of proper signage and the ODWC discussion on resizing the Red Zone portion.

  2. When you see new Red Zone signs, you will know the regs are back in place. That’s it.

  3. ODWC priority right now is repairing all possible access points for stocking. That’s it for now.

  4. ODWC stocked on 6/18 and 6/26 to make up for missed stockings and is now back on the two week, normal schedule.

  5. Power Line Hole stocking tube is repaired.

  6. The upper stocking road has been cleared to the water and stocked.

  7. If you are unsure where the fish are, just look for the cars.

  8. US Forestry went down Spillway Creek and measured depths of new pools. These new, large pools are running approximately 8′ to 15′ deep. Mind Your Step!!

  9. You will see that flow is 143cfs. This is the ODWC’s new level. They are looking at, and keeping a close eye on temps for Spillway Creek now that it is so much wider. We do not yet know if this will be the final flow level or if they may go back to a summer-winter, dual flow system.

6/13/2015 –  THE PARK WAS OPEN AS OF 11:45 AM Friday, 6/12!!

  • Mike Carter asked fishermen how they did on Spillway and was rewarded with pictures of large trout from happy fishermen!

  • Multiple reports of fish caught on Spillway Creek.

  • Still some roped off areas and areas like high bluffs that need caution around. Be Careful!

  • Spillway flow has been dropped to 102cfs. 

  • Zones II and III still have 6200cfs running trying to get the lake down. No one knows what, if any, changes have occurred in those sections (regardless of what has been posted). No fishing or canoeing in those sections (some bait fishing has been successful at the Rereg Dam).

  • Train and horseback riding are open.

  • Buckeye and Hickory campsites are closed.

  • The Forest Heritage Center, RV campgrounds, restaurant and swim beach are open. Canoe and paddle boats in the next day or two. Sno-Cone hut closed.

  • The Lake Park is open to all, including one campground, but the boat ramps are closed still.

  • The Beavers Bend Fly Shop is almost finished. They are OPEN for CASH sales only as cc equipment was ruined. Help them out, please.

  • Only ONE of the new bear-proof trash cans is still unaccounted for.

  • There will be much repaving to be done where roads were eroded away by the waters.

  • Cold Hole Bridge is the only bridge out now.

  • High and unstable bluffs along Spillway Creek – which is now about 60′ wide.

  • Spillway Creek is gorgeous!  Mother Nature has done something wonderful. It will be even better after the scars have healed and the substrate and shrubbery return – and the bugs!

  • There are many sections that will not need conservation logs as the natural pools are now long and deep enough to hold trout on their own.

  • The Cold Hole is incredibly enlarged.

  • Big, long run along the Bluff area.

  • Lost Creek does NOT exist anymore.

  • Lake is still practically at full flood pool and rain is in the forecast.

  • Even if there is no more rain, if the Corp gets Pine Creek down, they may open the gates back up.


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