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reported by the lower mountain fork river foundatioN

River Shaping Up After Flood (8/21/15)

The ODWC just upped Spillway Creek to 155cfs. Probably not noticeable but they are keeping a very close eye on the water temps. The Powers That Be have been able to get together and either repair, replace, or discuss options on future plans. I thought that this would be a good time to give you an update and general consensus on the state of the Park and of the river.

Per Don Groom – ODWC 8/21/2015

  • We have COE approval to finish repairs to the stocking tube above cold hole and approval for the Bluff and Evening Hole work.

  • We will finish making the repairs to the stocking tube first, then move to the Evening Hole area repairs. We are working out equipment logistics now. We are hopeful we will have the stocking tube work completed by end of next week.

  • We are running into Archaeological Survey issues regarding re-establishing the stocking road…. 

  • I submitted rule change proposals up the chain yesterday proposing to extend the boundary of the red zone up to the Cold Hole bridge and eliminating Lost Creek Language. These proposals have to go through the review process. If approved they will not likely go into effect until later next year. 

  • Staff has placed additional continuous temperature sampling equipment at various points below the spillway to the day use area.  We will also be putting installing one at the Fly Shop bridge in the near future.  We will collected this data for at least a year to help better understand temperature dynamics.

  • Things have changed regarding the brown trout from Wyoming.  It does not look like we are going to get those fish at this time. However, due to various issues, there is the potential the Lower Mountain Fork may receive additional loads of trout between now and the end of the year from the Federal Hatchery beyond our typical allocation.

  • We received and stocked 7,215 rainbow trout 10-12 inches (three of our hatchery trucks) from the Federal Hatchery on August 19th. One truck was dispersed in spillway creek the other two trucks were stocked at zone 2 (one truck at the first tube, one truck at the second tube). 

I will keep you posted when actual work is anticipated to begin and so forth. 


  • The Park says that the footbridge people feel that the new lower footbridge can still span Spillway Creek downstream from where the old one was. Then the Park will carve a new trail for the hikers so as to join up with Skyline Trail again. No timeframe on this.

  • The Spillway Dam parking lot and the Cold Hole bridge were washed away and the State is trying to determine their next steps in getting them replaced. The Park has been told that a new Cold Hole Bridge is in the works. That’s a quote – no time table but it is getting done.

  • There is one group that is looking into getting the Spillway Dam parking lot rebuilt. I will pass on more news as I find out.

  • We only lost one of the new bear-proof trash cans that we purchased for the Park and have ordered two new ones as replacements.

The River:

  • As of 7/20/15, new RED ZONE signs are up and regulations are back to normal. The  RED ZONE goes from some yards downstream of COLD HOLE BRIDGE (or where it should be) TO EVENING HOLE BRIDGE. 

  • The general consensus is that Spillway Creek is incredible. The pictures don’t do it justice and you just have to go see it to understand. The amount of fishable water has increased many times over. It’s a whole new stream.

  • The bluff area has changed but is very good.

  • Lost Creek is gone and shall remain so. No plans to redo it. It was a good idea at inception but did not pan out and has been more of a headache to maintain than it was worth. The stagnant areas will be filled in.

  • There is a concern over the loss of trees and the increased width of Spillway will increase water temps in the summer  so the new flow level has been increased from 90cfs to 140cfs. This seems to be really good so far but the situation is being closely monitored by the ODWC and changes can be still be made to make things good.

  • There has been a loss of the stocking road and most stocking areas. This is being addressed. The upper stocking road has been cleared and Power Line stocking tube has been repaired. A new stocking road has been made back into the bluff area and has already been used to stock the Red Zone.

  • Also lost were the signs stating Entry Into Water by Anglers Only. The new creek has seen much frolicking and swimming. The ODWC has found some of those signs and has put them up. They are also ordering more to be installed at all access points.

  • Per Don Groom of the ODWC (by text yesterday): They want to clear a new stocking road behind the State Park Admin buildings to allow the installation of stocking tubes.

  • Zone II still appears to be fishing very well from the reports I’ve been getting.


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